Pra Rod

           Created around 1200. Creator is Phra Nang Cham. The daughter of Lopburi (Lopburi), who is a strict ruler of this is the joy of the two hermits. And hermit To enhance the honor to her. Use your magic to create a survival. It is said that today (more than 1,300 years ago), the name of the Lord is called the distortion from the Lord, or Rapture, which was originally a prominent name in the legend. Buddhism is many times, such as the name of the Buddha. In the script. The name of the Bodhisattva. In the Brahman And the name of the child in the Bodhisattva Bodhisattva, etc. In addition, it appears in the scriptures.

          It is a diamond of the city of Haripunchai. It is a priceless amulet. Wat Mahawan is one of the four major monasteries. "Phra Nang Chang Devi", the ruler of Haripunchai, was built in 1223. Located in the west of Lamphun. It is the only monastery that has excavated a small statue of a magician filled with the magnificence of the craftsmanship of that era. An early Lopburi art. There are red clay amulets with a white color and a greenish red stain.

          Survival of the temple is a day of the Buddha. Seated in satin marble and polished diamond on the base of the lotus two layers behind the Buddha is the Po Pho from the knee of the Lord as the cover of the Buddha. The number of Pho and the identity of There is no difference in the number of phonons in each print. Each of the prints is unique in the prints.

          There are 5 types of monks.

          1. Pra Rod Pim Yai

          2. Pra Rod Pim Klang

          3. Pra Rod Pim Lek

          4. Pra Rod Pim To

          5. Pra Rod Pim Teun

The color of the king

          In the past, the beautiful color of salvation will be green. Contrast in every detail. But today, color is not a measure of beauty and The height of the Lord. Look at the beauty of only the color of the salvation is about 4 colors.

          1. White Survival because of the salvation of the gods made of ground meat. It is believed that the soil in the province of Lamphun or the neighboring provinces are white, the soil is clean and fine. I have to understand that the method of massage. The white cloth filter until there are no additives. It may be excavated from the soil that is deposited in the creek flowing in the cave. It is clean and there are no additives. The white survivor should be a priest in the area where the furnace is not heated as much as it should. The meat is white because it is not cooked. And not as strong as other surviving colors. It is quite large. But usually not as sharp as it should be.

          2. The Red Risen Lord is the savior who has already cooked. So smaller. Than the White Survival The depth and clarity, such as the salvation of other colors.

          3. Yellow Survival It is a great way to save a life. The size of the Buddha. Little Red Survival Theoretically, it will have a deeper and clearer depth than the Red Survivors.

          4. GREEN GREEN It is the strongest survivor. There was a shrinkage of Yellow Survivors. The sharpest in the number of survivors. Because of the shrinkage when the heat. Because of the sharpness, it may cause the green to not see the same color as the red and yellow.

          In addition, the Green Survival Green is a different sequence. From the Golden Survival of the Yellow. Is a green salvation And it is the dark green. The smallest is She survived the dark green until almost black.


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