Pra Gam Paeng Sum-Gor

          The wall and the wall of the rich. Was dubbed "Than Thanu" is a fetish. Found in Wat Phra Borommathat Wat Phra Kruek The left bank (west) of the Ping River, also known as the Nakornsuan Junction, was originally located. The ancient city has many antiquities in Kamphaengphet. Because the amulet contained in the pagoda in the middle of the rich field is more beautiful than the other. This is the fourth dungeon. In the field of millionaires together. So popularly called. It is located in the Chedi of the Chum Chum all the monks. There are many types. They are both the way to fortune and money is invincible as a craftsmanship of the Sukhothai period, built in 1900 and first discovered in 1849. All the clay is red, black and green. Both standing and sitting Buddhist style is the Sukhothai era.

          The Wall of Riches There are 6 types printed in the industry together.

          1. Prayer money (Standing style)

          2. Phra Thaimai Throne Printed Flute (Standing Style)

          3. The head of the clump has a bird (a sitting meditation with a bird's side)

          4. The head of the clump is not a bird (sitting meditation, no side birds)

          5. The arch of the clay print medium (sitting meditation with side birds)

          6. Gourmand Ploenchit (a sitting meditation with round frame like a spring rolls)